Technology Breakthrough for Climbers!

Pound Sterling Rope has announced a breakthrough in fiber technology. They are calling it the ‘Anti-Static’ rope, as it is not really equivalent to a standard dynamic rope, even though it has properties of flexibility.

The company feels the rope will provide an added measure of safety for those R and X rated climbs. When the rope has a sudden stress placed on it, as with a leader fall, it retracts, instead of stretches.

I. O. Silver, the company’s spokesperson, said that, not only will these properties reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in leader falls, but will also, as an ancillary effect, reduce the carbon footprint of the annual “Accidents in North America Mountaineering.”

It will be offered in 60 and 100 meter lengths, from 9.2mm to 10.5mm, and should be on the market by Memorial Day in the USA, and by May 31st worldwide.


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