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  1. Hi, Deborah,Thanks for the post. Your work, as always, is gorgeous! And kudos to you for being in Jill's book. I don't know her personally, but have followed her career…she's a terrific artist. I'm spending much time studying the business, promotional & PR aspects of photography while finishing up the book project and setting up my fashion/biography essay.Is your book in publication? Are you using a Mexican publisher? Printer? Distributor?What's it like there for photographers? I'd love your telling of how you got the ball rolling establishing your photo income at the outset.Off to New Haven now for a seminar about b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s!CheersFrance


  2. HI Franz,Long time no see. Sounds like you’re busy. It’s good to be busy. I guess i met you at Photonica,too. And remember that project we did for that online computer group where i photographed Charles Brewer of Mindspring and Delta Airlines, and… i forget the others.I’ve been living in Mexico mostly for the past 5 years but travel to the States. That means much of the photo mural work I did in Atlanta dried up since I’m not there. My commission to do 3 photo murals for the CDC dried up, too, when the Bushies ran off with the budget. But… I did do a mural for a contemporary restaurant here in Mexico by enlarging one of the photos from my Saturday Night series to 7′ x 10′ and installing it in 3 panels floating off a black wooden wall.As for now… Things have changed. I’m just about finished with a new collaboration… a picture book for Mexican children in the US to help them learn how to read English. My partner, the writer, has been in the children’s educational book biz for years but I found the family and the story. I spent a year photographing Karen, an 8 year old can-do Mexican girl and her family. The story grew organically out of the shoot and is told from Karen’s point of view when her Papito comes home after many months of absence working in the US. Lastly, did you ever know Jill Waterman in the business? She’s a photographer who used to work for one of the other stock agencies (FPS??) as an editor. Anyway… I’ve got a couple of photos in her new book “Night and Low Light Photography” that Photo District News has just released. I haven’t gotten my copies yet but the website is looking good. Otherwise, I’m hoping I’ll be back in business with my cultural expression themes if Obama gets elected. Good to hear from you. You’re inspiring me to update the blog on my website. I have crazy night scenes with smoke and insence from the feast of San Miguel de Allende. More later,Deborah


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