Hi, Barnaby,

Thanks for posting.

Remember Photonica? That’s where we met, initially. I had established the Department of Photography Relations. I remember you bringing your – at that time – small children to the office. Your work is so beautiful and personal. Are you doing editorial? Advertising? I took some years off my illustration and photojournalism work to regroup and am now getting into photography full time. I have a huge project doing interiors for a historic site, here in the Hudson River Valley; have done some stills for an Indie film; lots of events (re photojournalism); and am doing a fashion project as a body of personal work I intend to sell. Installations and multimedia are a love of mine and I’m doing one with lighting at the moment. All this is being supported only partially by photography, itself; the other part by advertising media sales.

What’s it like working in Europe? And why did you go to Portugal? How’s the copyright environment there? Do clients pay within a reasonable time? How do the rates compare with the US?


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