The Continuum of Self-Discovery

I find immersion in projects a bit like looking up words in the dictionary. The deeper one gets, the more words present themselves for investigation; the more opportunities for definition and meaning avail themselves.

While shooting interiors for the Historic Huguenot Street site in New Paltz, NY, I have found deep pleasure in experimentation with lighting and calculation of its effect. My objective in this essay is to represent each house, photographically, as it feels in real time. Each house, through the design of its rooms, elicits its own ambience. Even those built within a few years of each other and having similar architectural constructs, have unique spacial relationships within.

These photos will illustrate a souvenir book; be the basis for a blog; be used on the Huguenot Street’s website and all promotional material. Here is an example of how a single assignment (the Souvenir book) can lead to expansion of purpose and extension of marketing one’s work.

And, enmeshed in it, the best of all: self-discovery and development of craft and art (thanks to D. Thomas).


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