Jacques Barzun

Art distills sensation and embodies it with enhanced meaning in a memorable form – or else it is not art.

–– Jacques Barzun


3 thoughts on “Jacques Barzun

  1. The artist is the supreme sovereignty. We make reality perceivable. That is our job. It is up to us, the artist, to make our work known. Anger is only justifiable when it is directed toward ourselves for shirking our job. Eat well and savor every morsel.


  2. Very fine, concise definition from Barzun who, besides being smart & thoughtful, had the good fortune to live in an age when one could still find whole strips of experience to endow with enhanced meaning. Today, you have to tip-toe from pebble to pebble, keeping your head very low because there is no authority, no sovereignity in the world any more that wants you doing that work. Anger has been shown in scientific experiments to reduce the caloric intake required to sustain human life by 43% +/-.5%!



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