International photographer. Creative director. Entrepreneur: travel reportage; documentaries; interiors; portraits.


Las Terrenas, República Dominicana

In addition to my commercial work, I am particularly interested in partnering with organizations supporting conflict transformation and educational / economic equality.


Mirjaveh, Iran

Tito’s Barracks, Sarajevo

I hope my photography will channel change in the mind (world)
through the effect of the reality of the image.

Art defines who we are and what we are capable of becoming.
In, as Klee called, ‘andacht zum kleinen’ (devotion to small things),
one finds the largesse of the universe.

My lens cap is off…my bag is packed.

2 thoughts on “about

  1. Greetings, France. I’m Mark Nielsen. I discovered you today while researching Andy Lewis for a novel (and possible podcast etc.) on the JFK years in Manhattan among the beatniks, actors, musicians, closeted gays and mafia villains of the era. I sense in a strange way that we may have things to talk about, if you’re willing. For the record, I’m 55 and thus of another generation than Andy (or my characters and subject matter). I have a background in tv/documentary film production, and teaching English Literature and theater, but nothing much of note nationally. However, I can see the heart and spirituality and deep ethic in your photos, and your attempt to create an ethical artistic community of similar collaborators and co-conspirators in a Love revolution. I aspire to be that also. I’m subscribing to your blog, and I am a blogger myself if you want to check it out (called Marking Time, filled with 10+ yrs of inspirational poetry, political or social justice essays, teaching resources, occasional personal art photography or various experiments in expression). I’m in Illinois, but have a wide and deep knowledge of New England thru family and other parts of my life journey. And of international development, anti-war activism, religion & philosophy, and history of international art, photography and cinema. If you’re open to an interview session or something, please reach out to me: mnielsen34 (at) gmail (dot) com. Either way, I love your work and your ideas. Glad to know people like you are out there, still working for human rights and our common good.


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