the fourteenth


extend your reach


Always put your ideas out there and then find a way to make them happen. It’s the sure way to extend your grasp – to paraphrase an old and marvelous line. Reach for the space beyond the stars. Of course, that’s one way to make sure you enter every competition and grant opportunity! It seems that projects and ideas for them come in great batches at once; and then pile up one after the next: the vicissitudes of creativity! And the vicissitudes of one’s financial backing!…ah yes, Michelangelo complained about the same thing: the never-ending search for funding for the artist, who makes our peopled part of the world so liveable.

Maintaining focus

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do is maintain focus on one’s path when there are so many outside interests to captivate.

Periodically, delete activities which take time away from career marketing.

When these activities are not trivial is when this is most difficult. Perks that accompany them often seem to be worth the time as well.

When essential tasks back up and the encapsulation of time becomes overwhelming, say, “enough!”