Hold your passion in the palm of your hand.

Raptors cannot take it.

Love yourself enough.

Enough is indestructible.

Your life is not linear.

Fire burns without borders.

Oxygen feeds.

Remember to breathe.

The year will be yours.

A Christmas Carol

With gratitude to Charles Dickens. Share the spirit of joy and reciprocation,
no matter your beliefs.

Though Christmas is a christian holiday, the core of its spirit is universal and deeply human. One can be an atheist and hold fast to it. It is that in giving of ourselves, not of things outside ourselves, we actively demonstrate the immeasurable generosity of love. And it is love that lights our world.

News of today

The New Hampshire conservation and heritage program supports a variety of preservation programs with funds raised through the selling of special license plates showing a picture of a moose. This funding, and issuance of the plates, may now be in jeopardy. The conservation commission received a notice of copyright infringement from the Alcesalces organization. While the DMV is hoping for a settlement, they are concerned that it may be unsupportable within their current budget. Because of this concern, they are urging all citizens of the state to write to Alcesalces, expressing their hopes for a reasonable settlement, especially as the plates are a non-profit venture.